About AE

AlderEgo Distribution (AE) has supplied the cannabis industry with customized paraphernalia and branded promotional accessories since 2014.


Based out of the Pacific Northwest, AlderEgo Distribution supplies 100+ retail stores with their own brand of pipes, vape pens, herb grinders and more. Please CONTACT US to receive a list of references.

We pride ourselves on taking a no-nonsense approach to supplying basic paraphernalia and accessories that enable our network of retailers to succeed.  We don’t supply products that ‘WE THINK’ customers want, we let the industry direct what we source and how.


To supply affordable, simple and quality paraphernalia and accessories to a growing cannabis industry.


2013 – We began as a small convenience store that began selling cannabis paraphernalia and accessories near Alder Lake in Washington state.

2014 – AlderEgo Distribution began supplying head shops, convenience stores and medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Tacoma, Washington.

2015 – With over 300 products, AlderEgo Distribution quickly supplied over 200 locations throughout Washington and Oregon.

2016 – AlderEgo Distribution shrank their product catalog to focus primarily on their “Top 50 Best Selling” products. The company would also transition to the state licensed I-502 legal recreational cannabis industry.

2017 – AlderEgo Distribution began manufacturing “Best Selling” items through manufacturing partnerships located in China & India and offering branding and private label solutions to select retail partners throughout Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico.


AlderEgo Distribution actively manufactures and supplies for 100+ cannabis paraphernalia brands and has expanded sales into Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon. 




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