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Will branded merchandise eventually be allowed as paraphernalia?
Presently branded merchandise that meets the definition of paraphernalia such as bongs/pipes/etc. is permitted. Changes to the definition of paraphernalia would require legislation.

Source: http://lcb.wa.gov/mj2015/faq_i502_advertising#paraphernalia 

Like most new industries, cannabis business owners struggle with inexperience and unprofessional-ism due to an immature market. Business processes and supply chains are still being figured out and highly inefficient. Regulatory bodies and policy-makers are disconnected from the actual industry; creating confusion and uncertainty.


We pride ourselves on being different.  We focus on helping our clients and partners solve problems in order to accelerate growth and profitability. While many of our retail partners focus on cannabis products, we help these clients maximize sales and profits by:

  • Sourcing Best-Selling Paraphernalia & Accessories.

  • Providing Branding & Private Label Options.

  • Developing Merchandising & Marketing Strategies.



We aren’t for everyone. We work best with retail partners that have similar business values. If you’re looking for a place to buy cheap and low quality products, we’d suggest DHGATE or ALIBABA. These are wonderful resources for retailers that wanna roll the dice on affordable products that offer few guarantees on quality, product risk and increased liability.

We are also not very fancy. You won’t find us at the numerous cannabis cups, festivals, industry shows, etc. We’ve distributed expensive “Made in the U.S.A.” glass that we later found out was actually not made in the U.S.A. We’ve also worked with local glass blowers that often price their products that simply don’t appeal to the mainstream consumer.

We do not misrepresent our goods. Many of our competitors claim to make, design, own patents or have their own manufacturing factories. Many of our products were existing products that we slightly enhanced or improved. Some of our products are near copies of existing products that were simply way overpriced where no Intellectual Property (IP) or Patents were infringed.



  • We believe that Simple is Smart.

  • We believe in affordable pricing strategies.

  • We like low margin / high volume businesses.


If this sounds like you, then hit us up and let’s CHAT. Most likely we’ll work very well together.


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