Best Practices

In an infant industry such as the cannabis industry, many owners and managers will agree that HR is their number one pain point. Finding professional minded people with relevant knowledge and experience is seemingly impossible while turnover rates are ridiculously high. At the end of the day, these HR issuesContinue Reading
A guarantee or warranty is only as good as the company behind it. If that company goes away without selling that part of its business to another entity that will support it, the warranty is a mere sales tool. For example, take this scenario: you’ve had your new fitness bandContinue Reading
This article addresses (1) why is it so important to have a simple logo? (2) why is it beneficial to expose the store logo as much as possible? Advertising in the cannabis industry can be a challenge depending on the state laws. Even if the state law enforces fewer limitations,Continue Reading
You may be wondering why it matters where you place products. After all, isn’t the point just to get it in the store? No! A product’s placement can make or break your success—here’s why: Destination Items Do you ever feel like every item you came into a store looking forContinue Reading
1. Dysfunctional decompression zones. The first few feet of a store are often referred to as the decompression zone, an entry area customers use to “decompress” or adjust to the new space. Critical as this first impression is, shop owners often clutter this space with merchandise, says Paco Underhill, author ofContinue Reading

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