“I Love WA” 1100mAh IronMan VV Battery

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3 Voltage (3.2V, 3.7V, 4.2V) Settings + Pass-Thru Micro-USB Charger + Extended Battery Life

The IronMan VV 1100 mAh Battery is designed for the advanced vape user that wants variety. Whether you’re maximizing flavor at a low temp or cranking it up to create a serious cloud, the IronMan is the one.

AE Says…

This has been one of our best sellers for the past year because it continues to be a very solid and reliable vape battery with multiple heat settings.

The charge port is located on the bottom of the battery and requires a micro-USB charger instead of the annoying 510-thread charger on most cheaper models, so you don’t have to take apart your pen. It also means that you most likely have several chargers laying around the house.

Lastly, this battery is popular because it is made with a ‘copper core’ battery. Many of the ‘cheaper’ batteries on the market are made with a cheaper ‘nickel’ material, which simply isn’t as good from what we have researched and experienced. Copper tends to have an extended battery life and less likely to put you on the news about some guy who had a battery explode next to their face.

If you’re looking for the cheaper batteries, you can easily find them on DHGATE, but we’d never recommend them to any of our customers.


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AE 1100mAh IronMan VV Battery has a redesigned circuit board from previous variable voltage batteries. You can adjust the battery voltage output from 3.2V to 4.2V.

What’s more, it is safer than regular eGo batteries due to its short circuit protection, safety cutoff / atomizer protection and low voltage protection.


Length 121mm x Diameter 14mm
AE IronMan VV 1100 mAh Variable Voltage battery has a piano lacquer coating on the aluminum cover.

Package Content:

1 x AE IronMan VV 1100mAh Variable Voltage Battery
1 x AE Micro-USB Charger Adapter

Operation Guide:

Voltage can be adjusted from 3.2V (red), 3.7V (purple), and 4.2V (blue) with 0.1V degree. You can choose the voltage by simply consecutively clicking the power button 3 times. Using the battery at a higher voltage output will drain the battery faster than at a lower voltage. It is suggested that you start with a low voltage and increase the voltage gradually until you find the right voltage for your atomizer/cartomizer.

Short Circuit Protection: When a short is detected, the battery will shutdown until the short is removed.

5-Click Protection: Generally, the battery is shipped in the off position. In the off position, it will not function even when pressing the button. To turn on battery, press the power button 5 times within 1.5 seconds. You will see a white LED flash. To turn off battery, press button 5 times within 1.5 second as well, the white LED will flash! “5-click protection” can protect the battery from being activated when you do not want to use it. No more firing in your pocket!

Safety Cutoff / Atomizer Protection: If the button is pressed for 10 seconds, the battery will cutoff until the button is released.

Low Voltage Protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.3v, the battery will shut down.

Color Options:

Black, White, Stainless Steel, Red, Blue, Green, All Basic Colors
Please ask for special color request

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