H!GH 2.5″ Mini Blunt Bubbler w/ FREE Case

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H!GH 2.5″ Mini Blunt Bubbler w/ FREE Case

Combine the flavor and simplicity of smoking a pre-roll or blunt with the soothing and cooling sensation of a bubbler and you’ve got yourself one of the industries most enjoyable smoking experiences.

Originally designed by The Martian located in Denver, Colorado; this little guy has been quickly replicated and knocked off by Chinese glass factories.  We’re guessing this is where the original is now being “mass-produced” as well.

While The Martian suggests an MSRP of $24.95 for a tiny piece of glass, we’ve produced this item in a quality Chinese factory made with BPA-FREE glass materials for an affordable price.

Our retailers sell this guy for roughly $19.99 that includes a FREE padded carrying case, to protect your little bubbler.


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Check out the Blunt Bubbler in action…



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