H!GH Twisty Glass Blunt

$12.50 $8.50

MSRP: $24.99


  • 1 x H!GH Brand BPA-FREE Glass Twisty Blunt
  • 1 x Extra Food-Grade Silicone Cap
  • 1 x Extra O-Ring
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x Padded Carrying Case
  • 1 x Carabiner

The Twisty Glass Blunt was originally produced and designed by 7pipe (Jeffrey Han of Tyger Manufacturing LLC)  and instantly became a fan favorite with its solid design. Let’s face it, if you’re into smoking weed, you’re always looking to scoop the latest gadget and smoking toys like a Apple fan boy is to their iPhone.

The Twisty Glass Pipe is one of the few cannabis-related accessories that has successfully been awarded a patent (U.S. Patent D761,487 S).  Therefore, retailers should be very careful where and how they are sourcing this item since it has been quickly copied and can be found all over Chinese Direct Sellers on DHGate & Alibaba. Of course, like any seasoned paraphernalia buyer, there are varying ranges of quality. Over the past several months, we’ve been sourcing samples from a variety of factories and the differences in quality are all over the board.

Our preferred manufacturing partner currently produces a similar product that has been modified in order to not violate any copyright or existing patent with a modified mouthpiece, along with other minor adjustments. Let’s face it, this design didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out and the materials are far from hard to source.

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1 Glass Blunt "H!GH" w/ Case @ $10.00, 10 Glass Blunts "H!GH w/ Case @ $8.50, 25 Glass Blunts "H!GH" w/ Case @ $8.00, 50 Glass Blunts "H!GH" w/ Case @ $7.75, 100 Glass Blunts @ $7.00 ADD LOGO, 200 Glass Blunts @ $6.50 ADD LOGO, 400 Glass Blunts @ $6.10 ADD LOGO, 800 Glass Blunts @ $5.60 ADD LOGO, 1600 Glass Blunts @ $4.25 ADD LOGO


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